Chartered Building Surveyors ndc associates limited

Regulated by RICS

Explanation of Fees

Charges for services are applied in a variety of different ways. The majority of Building Surveying practices apply charges in a similar manner with fees for services based on years of experience.


NDC Associates Ltd. are no different in that we apply charges in the same way as other firms however we can safely say that our hourly rates are very competitive with firms of a similar size and up to 50% less than the larger regional and national practices on some services. We apply the same hourly rate to every service regardless of the level of expertise involved. Many practices apply different rates to different levels of service.


We would always recommend to clients that they obtain competitive quotations however they should always check the qualifications and experience of the person who will be providing the service. Many firms advertise their services nationally appealing to be local whereas they are often based outside the region. Clients are advised to check their surveyors are local. Our services are personally managed by a director and provided by a qualified Chartered Building Surveyor.


The way in which charges are applied depends on the type of service being provided:

Wherever possible we try and agree a lump sum up front fee for services such as; building and condition surveys, measured surveys, access audits, party wall matters and specific defect reports with fees based on our assessment of the time needed to complete the service.


Where it is difficult to determine how long a commission may take, charges are based on fixed hourly rates which are agreed up front. Records of time spent on commissions are available for clients on request as we operate a transparent fee structure. This type of fee structure applies to dilapidations and expert witness services, although on some commissions, lump sum or percentage fees can be used.


Typically for construction services such as contract Administration, project anagement etc. fees are usually based on a percentage of contract value/construction cost. Higher rates are applied to contracts of lesser value. Where the scope of work and contract durations is clearly defined we would endeavour to agree lump sum fees at the outset to give clients more cost certainty and share the risk.


Disbursement charges are sometimes applied on services for out of pocket expenses such as printing of photographs, contractor attendance costs, hire of equipment etc. All of our fees include usual out of pocket expenses such as office costs, travel and subsistence, unless specifically quoted.



We welcome the opportunity to talk to clients to discuss their specific requirements. Where  practical we can meet with the client at no obligation and subsequently provide a free quotation for our services.


All of our fee quotations are valid for 30 days and are subject to VAT. All fee accounts have 14 day payment terms unless quoted otherwise. Hourly rates remain valid for 3 months and are subject to revision on notification to the client.

Regulated by RICS