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Regulated by RICS


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Regulated by RICS


Professional Services

Landlord & Tenant’s Negotiations

Working for both Landlords and Tenants in producing Licenses for Alterations and on site monitoring of  the landlords or tenants  works to check they comply with the agreement.







Specific Defect & Expert Witness Reports

Preparation of specialist and expert witness reports (for legal proceedings) on building and construction defects; landlord and tenant disputes and neighbour disputes.







Ornate building on Fawcett Street in Sunderland.

Neighbouring Land Act Agreements

Working with neighbours to produce a formal ‘access agreement' to allow property maintenance works.










Condition Surveys

A survey to assess or record a property's condition for; maintenance programmes, life cycle costing or appending to a lease to limit repairing liabilities.





St. Beuno's stone retreat building adjacent to chapel.

Boundary Disputes

Working with neighbours to resolve boundary disputes.











Insurance Claim Loss Reinstatement

Advice and surveys of property that have been damaged by fire, flood, storms etc. in connection with insurance claims.














Burnt and semi-collapsed roof of a Warksburn property.

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Construction Services


Site Surveys

Building surveys in support of building  contracts to help assess if a building is suitable for use and assess its condition.




Hawkeys brick building with cherry picker truck in front.

Feasibility Studies

In-house or as part of a consultancy team to provide clients with a feasibility study to determine if their project is feasible prior to committing to a full project.





Project Management

Acting as a client's agent on building projects.









Chapel front with large central window.

Construction/ Development/ Project Monitoring

Independent monitoring of quality and progress of construction contracts being undertaken on behalf of tenants, funders and developers.




Building Surveys

Residential and commercial property building surveys for clients acquiring property by freehold or leasehold. We have vast experience in surveying older and listed properties.




Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We offer mediation for all parties as an alternative dispute resolution service to avoid litigation on disputes between neighbours; disputes with builders and disputes with the client or employer.










Working for landlords or tenants with assessing and negotiating the repairing liabilities on leasehold property during or at the end of a lease.







Light brick business rental property in the Doxford Industrial Park.

Equality Act Audits

Survey and preparation of access audits on property for compliance with the Equality Act 2010.
















Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) / Stock Condition Survey

Survey and preparation of a report to inform property owners about future  expenditure for maintaining their building over its life.






Red brick multi-use building owned by the Society of Jesus, UK.

Crane Oversail License

Working with developers and negotiating with adjoining land owners to produce a negotiated agreement for oversailing cranes.











Scaffold Agreements

Working with developers and negotiating with neighbours of adjoining land to produce an agreement for placing scaffolding onto neighbouring land.












Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs)

Survey and report for clients to provide their insurance companies with rebuilding costs to obtain accurate premium costs.
















Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs)

Survey and report, highlighting all the fire risks in a building whilst also providing the client  with corrective measures recommendations.
















Multi-use Tudor property in Ludlow, Shropshire.

Measured Surveys

Carrying out measured surveys to produce CAD floor plans for designs, leases and construction contracts





CAD Building Design and Building Specification Services

For small to medium sized alterations, refurbishment, repair and new build contracts.






Interior of engineering centre with metal-working equipment.

Insurance Claim Loss Reinstatement Contracts

Supervision of repair contracts in connection with an insurable loss such as fire, flood or storm damage.





Contract Administration

Conducting management and administration of building contracts from inception to final account.







Hawkeys building with blue scaffolding material.

Lead Consultant

Acting as a lead consultant in a consultancy design team on building projects whilst co-ordinating the rest of the team.